About Us

Dallas-based My Pocket apps specializes in one of the most valuable and profitable platforms available to small businesses. Founded in 2010, My Pocket develops all its business apps in-house, which are then “published” to iTunes app and Android stores supported throughout the U.S and around the world.

My Pocket’s management team comprises marketing, business, web and app software development personnel who have not only worked together in the past, but have dedicated their careers to the technology industry.

Our Products

 Wordpress Sites
 Mobile Website
 Android Mobile Apps
 iPhone & iPad Apps


App Development

Developing business apps is our passion. My Pocket has developed Church apps, Insurance apps, Attorney apps, Restaurants and many more. We are the go to company for business app development

Start With Content

Content mining is gather all your information for your app development. We spend many hours searching and securing so you don't have to. Our team has turned this into a science creating awesome results.

Publish To App Market

Getting your app published in the GooglePlay and iTunes store is our main focus. The app stores review the final product and say yes or no. My Pocket has a 99.9% success rate on the first submission.

Developing Your Business App

My Pocket professional team member will research and gather all your business app content from multiple sources:

  • Online Website
  • Social Media Networks
  • Your Submitted Documents
  • Online Research
  • Existing Mobile App

Design and choosing the right layout is key to your app's success. Our team will design based on your website or use one of our unique design templates.

  • Main Background Screen
  • App Store Screen-shots
  • Loading Screen Graphics
  • App Store Icons
  • Global App Header

Our Project Manager will oversee the entire business app development. All of the following will be manage under this department head.

  • Quality Check Of Content
  • Check UI Usability
  • App Store Listing Check
  • Obtain App Store Approval

Company strategystrategy we work

My Pocket business apps takes a unique approach to developing its products. By following three main steps, it assures the functionality, crisp design and final Android and iTunes app store approval.

App Development By Stages

Content Mining 70%
Graphic design 90%
App Publishing 100%

Hello Meet our fearless team

Bryant Clark

General Manager

Bryant acts as the general manager of “My Pocket” apps. He has been involved with several successful startups and is a seasoned veteran of internet technologies.

Kevin Lias
Kevin Lias

Executive Sales

Kevin joined the “My Pocket” team in 2015. He acts as head of our sales department. Mr. Lias has vast amount of experience in sales. He has worked for sevearl fortunate 500 companies.

Ben Bricker


Ben is hardly ever seen on the front-end of things, but has been here from the beginning. He keeps everything running in background and has the humblest of personalities.

Tina Clark

Office Manager

Tina is the glue of the “My Pocket” apps operation and keeps everything running smooth through the day. She oversees our public relations, independent resellers and other staff.