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Welcome to "My Pocket" business app blog. The blog contains video demos, downloadable documents and mobile marketing news highlights.

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You can download documents which includes detailed presentations for different business app developments. The business app blog also includes mobile marketing news and business app growth. In addition, you can view our awesome video presentations of business apps on your computer or phone. The blog is very useful when trying to make a buying decision for your company. The next big app idea is not a game, its your company business app.

Mobile business apps puts the power in your hands and the action in the customers’ pocket. Please Contact us with any questions or info you would like to submit.


Men Retail App (Click To Enlarge Video)

Men Retail App Video

View this great video demo of a men retail app. If your looking for a mobile solution for your men’s retailer, look no further. My Pocket can develop your company a mobile app that will attract and retain customers. Send your customers promotion and remind them that your still open with our GEO fencing technology. When a customer passes your location with your business app downloaded on their device, they can receive promotional alerts. Pretty cool right? The men retail app demo walks you through an entire presentation. Our apps are developed with crisp graphics and app store approved features. Please enjoy the demo video of our product and contact us for your next business app development.

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Night Club App (Click To Enlarge Video)

Night Club App

Are you a bar or night club owners looking to obtain more customers? Great, the My Pocket team develops stunning apps that will brand your business and give customers a great experience. Creating a social environment for club goers in and out your establishment is the way to go. The millennials expect this type of technology and will flock to wherever it is. A night club app can be your answer. Club goes can communicate with each other and receive promotions.

The video demo walks you through one of our Night club app development. Its shows you the features that can change your business forever. Enjoy the video demo and contact My Pocket for your business app development needs.

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Fitness App

Health and Fitness app

If your a gym owners, a Health and Fitness app is a great way to connect with your customers. Everyone has a mobile phone with them 90 percent of time. Its reported that people check their phone 125-times per day. Any gym that isn’t using some type of mobile application is losing business.
Give your customer the tools they need while up-selling them more products and services.

Our business app will also allow you to book more appointments and send push-messages. Take a look at our video demo and contact us for your app development today.

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Church App

Do you have a ministry or the pastor of one? Church apps are some of the most popular applications we develop Yes, a church app. These mobile apps alone can increase the amount of offerings you take-in each day. Just this one thing is worth the development. But let’s dive into some of the other features that stick out with a church app development.

You can also post current events, audio sermons, bibles, prayer request and integrate live streaming. In addition to these powerful features you can send unlimited messages to your members. Church apps are powerful tools to communicate with members and unmatched by static websites, text messages or email communications. My Pocket can develop your ministry a powerful mobile marketing tool. Contact us today to discuss your development.

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Attorney Apps

Attorney Apps

If you own a lawyer firm, you should develop an attorney app. Mobile Application have swept through our everyday life with an estimated 280 million downloads last year alone. The iphone and Android app markets allow us to connect quickly download Attorney Apps. Nearly every person has their mobile phone with them at all times.

What if your Law firm whether you focus in accident law, personal injury or family law could utilize the technology to increase your client base? By developing an attorney app you can do just that. Your clients can make appointments, view new laws, share the app with others, take accident photos and much more. Also you as the owner of the app can send unlimited push messages to your clients at any time. These apps become the most economical market tool in your arsenal. Your app sits on the client phone receiving messages and ready to share their friend and families when asked about an attorney.

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Digital technology offers restaurants and coffee shops the absolute best way to reach potential customers in what may sometimes be a saturated local competing market. There is truly no better way to reach your target audience than to incorporate a mobile restaurant app into the structure of your business.

A iTunes or GooglePlay mobile restaurant app can give your local restaurant and coffee shop the ability to engage customers even when they’re not standing in line trying to buy a cup of java or waiting to be seated in by your hostesses! A mobile app is also a great way to pull-in the traffic that passes by your restaurant and coffee shop everyday, by sending PUSH message notices directly to the smart-phone of your restaurant and coffee shop patrons. Keep customers better informed about special deals, discounts and other offers, and even open up the possibility for better communication channels so customers can know wait times, menu changes, hot items, chef’s specials and so much more – all before they ever step foot into your place of business.

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