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Welcome to "My Pocket" business app blog. The blog contains video demos, downloadable documents and mobile marketing news highlights.

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You can download documents which includes detailed presentations for different business app developments. The business app blog also includes mobile marketing news and business app growth. In addition, you can view our awesome video presentations of business apps on your computer or phone. The blog is very useful when trying to make a buying decision for your company. The next big app idea is not a game, its your company business app.

Mobile business apps puts the power in your hands and the action in the customers’ pocket. Please Contact us with any questions or info you would like to submit.


Insurance Mobile Apps

My Pocket is your source for the world’s first low cost insurance mobile app designed for the individual insurance agent.  Now an insurance agent like yours can compete with the larger insurance companies for their client’s smart-phone app space. Imagine this, with just a few clicks; you can have your insurance mobile app available to your clients on an iPhone, iPad or Android device.  With an insurance mobile app, you now can communicate with your clients directly on your terms.  Having a customized insurance mobile app, your client will have the peace of mind knowing that your agency is just a touch away.

Women Retail Store App (Enlarge)

Women Retail Store App

Do you own a women retail store and need more customers? Well, a Women Retail Store App maybe your answer. Developing a  mobile app for your business can help customers view new products and receive promotions while on the go. A Retail Store App also allows you as the owner to send unlimited push-messages.

Keeping the competitive advantage over your competition and customers coming back is the name of the game. Our mobile business apps have helped many companies increase their bottom-line. When launched and marketed correctly your customer-base can expand quickly. Let “My Pocket” developers create your Business App today.

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Mobile applications have cornered the market when reaching current and potential customers quickly and efficiently. The “My Pocket” real-estate app is a revolutionary new way for real-estate professionals to harness the power of mobile applications reaching a billion dollar market demographic. My Pocket provides you with a custom application development that represents the primary features and benefits of your expertise as a real-estate professional.

Using a real-estate mobile app allows you to market and communicate directly with your customers thus creating a more loyalty in a fragile economy. Contact us today for your insurance app development.

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Salon Barber App

Welcome barbers! As you know your industry relies heavily on the proficiency of how many customers hair you can cut in a day. Some times their are waits that could have been avoided. Having a barber app fro your customers can increase your cuts. Customers can book their appointment and communicate with your shop while on the go. In addition, selling hair products and allowing for pickup at your shop is another good option. A barber mobile app is definitely something you want to add to your marketing arsenal.

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My Pocket app offer salons and hair-care professionals multiple ways to communicate with their clientele. It a salon app. Allow your customers to access to Facebook, Twitter, and your salon’s website directly from the mobile app. In addition, when they are in need your services, they can schedule an appointment with one-touch with our Salon app scheduler tool.

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Music App

If you are an artist or operate a record label, then you are definitely in the business of reaching as many people as you can to promote. What’s a better way to do that than to offer your fans a music mobile app. Use can get all the latest releases and tour date informational while on-the-go.

Hip hop, rap, reggae, country music, R&B, rock, and alternative – no matter what the genre, app downloads are on the rise and people want their music accessible, and they want to be the first to tell someone else about the latest released single or album. Having a mobile app for your artists or record label gives fans and followers the ability to do all of this and more.

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